Run Fox Run

Dec 2015

Run Fox Run - University of Greenwich

Our December 2015 winners Run Fox Run was made up by 3 students, Luke Parson, Megan Elliot & Nicholas Sheehan.

Luke was appointed as the Team Leader as he was able to switch between art, design and programming positions throughout the game jam; this was backed up by his team mate in the mock job interviews we conduct for all of our winners.

Megan has the role of art, design and animation, she created the amazing artwork for Run Fox Run that really impressed the judges when it come to marking the entrants.

Nicholas is the logicaal brain behind Run Fox Run, he took the lead on programming the project and was able to implement everything they wantegd by the deadline.

Once developement for Run Fox Run finishes later this year links will be available for the Google Play Store & Apple App Store.