Educational Institutions

Our Members

Our members are made up of educational institues such as colleges and universities, members of Green Jamwich are able to submit teams of their students to compete at our events throughout the year.

Our members pay a per-head annual fee to take part allowing their students to compete for part time jobs within UK games studios. For more information on becoming a member please contact us here.

University of Greenwich

Honorable Member

The University of Greenwich is an honorable and founding member of Green Jamwich, helping and sponsoring Greenlight Games in planning and executing the first ever Green Jamwich event in December of 2015.

Their winning team of 3 students Megan, Luke & Nick submitted their endless runner 'Run Fox Run' and moved onto part time positions at Greenlight Games for 6 months to finish development and publish the title.

Visit their website here.

University of Greenwich

Previous Members

None at this time.