About Green Jamwich

What do we do?

Green Jamwich is an educational based game jam for universities and colleges providing a platform for games & media students. After establishing teams, the students compete against educational institutions across the nation in hopes of claiming the top prize of part time employment within the UK games industry. We are setting out to provide young talent with experience, knowledge and direction.


Who runs it?

Green Jamwich has been designed and executed by multi-award winning entrepreneur Dean Day. After founding Greenlight Games Ltd in February of 2014, Dean persists in finding new and creative ways of helping the UK games industry thrive. He believes that students and graduates are the lifeline of the games industry and aims at empowering them with the skills they need to become great developers and designers.

How does it work?

Universities and colleges join Green Jamwich as members, advertising the event to their students. This allows their students to compete in our events throughout the year and provides them with the opportunity to access the support available from our sponsors.

Winners of a Green Jamwich event will be placed in part time employment around their studies at Greenlight Games or a sponsoring UK games studio.

What's the goal?

We hope that Green Jamwich will continue to grow year on year and that our members and sponsors will continue to stick with us through our journey. Our goal is to build Green Jamwich into an industry recognized event that will make a great impact on employer's decisions if their applicants have been a part of Green Jamwich.